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Another aspect that is explored in family based therapy is becoming attuned to your parenting styles.

Kangaroo Parenting: Overprotective. Tries to protect child from all problems and shelter them. Unintentionally reinforce dependency and lack of responsibility (parents are doing all the work). Parents accommodate the ED behavior which leaves the eating disorder FULL CONTROL

Ostrich Parenting: Deal with the eating disorder by attempting to disengage or ignore the problem. Parents feel anxious and worried about speaking openly and bluntly about food. Parents fear that directly addressing the eating disorder will make things worse. Pitfall: Ignoring the problem runs risk of colluding with eating disorder

Rhino Parenting: Straight-up Authoritarian/Dictator approach. Go-to-Move: Threaten into submission (which worked when your daughter was younger). Detailed analytical approach to problem solving: Here are all the things you are doing wrong—now fix them. Little room for conversation or feedback. Repeatedly uses logical arguments as to way to foster change (lawyer approach)

Jellyfish Parenting: Overly emotional. Lose perspective and over-respond in moment. Parents are in a raw emotional state with their own emotions close to surface. Burst into tears. Agitated. Erupt into rage. Feel uncertain and constantly check-in

If you find yourself identifying with any of the above parenting styles, this is something that can be explored in FBT and worked through to show better support to your daughter. It should be your ultimate goal to reach the Saint Bernard style of parenting which emulates reliable, steady and dependable behavior by nature, even when situations are treacherous

At Clementine, we acknowledge the unique needs both your daughter and family bring to Family Based Therapy. We work work together to face challenges and overcome obstacles for your child to heal and reach their greatest potential.

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