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Nutrition and Food

At Clementine, we base our nutrition protocol on mindful eating with a focus on the needs of the individual. Using principles of mindful eating, we normalize food and eating, offering limited opportunities for meal supplements as needed as well as therapeutic opportunities for grocery shopping for meal items and self–portioning. These all lead to increased ability to handle food independently. Important components of our nutrition approach include:

  • Meal plan based on nutritional needs and personal preferences
  • Weekly individual nutrition therapy with registered dietitian
  • Weekly nutrition groups, as well as cooking groups with staff support to improve comfort in the kitchen around a range of foods
  • Pre- and post-meal process groups
  • Mindful eating training to help develop a balanced and sustainable relationship with food; including an improved understanding of hunger, fullness and satiety
  • Meal outings with staff support to practice ordering and eating effectively in a restaurant setting
  • Allowing opportunities for adolescents and families to practice eating together. These include staff supported meals and snacks as well as unsupported meal challenges and outings when the adolescent and family are ready
  • Integration of a variety of foods including challenge foods and snacks


We Are Here To Help!

Meals and snacks at Clementine are intentionally varied. We want your adolescent to experience a range of foods so that she is able to become more flexible while in treatment and in her life after treatment as well. Eating mindfully allows our adolescents to be present in the eating experience to truly learn what they enjoy as they move away from the eating disorder. The goal is for our Clementine adolescents to leave with a strong understanding of their nutritional needs and what they need to continue to work toward becoming a mindful eater.

From Amanda Mellowspring MS, RD/N, CEDRD-S, Vice President of Nutrition Services:
Dear Parents and Families,
We are honored to be trusted with the health and recovery of your loved one and ultimately, your family. Your daughter’s dietitians are eager to work alongside you to heal the injuries that have occurred “around the table” and to achieve a solid state of health, confidence with food and body, and to normalize the relationship with food. You will find that we include the whole family in this process, and you can expect a collaborative and communicative experience with your daughter’s dietitian. Ultimately, it is our goals that your loved one will value their health while allowing their life to be about things outside of food and body image.
Fondly, Amanda


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