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Eating Disorder Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents

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Nutrition and Food

At Clementine, we base our nutrition programming on mindful eating with a focus on the developmental needs of the individual. Using principles of mindful eating, we normalize food and eating, offering therapeutic opportunities to utilize family support and increase autonomy in recovery.

Meals and snacks at Clementine are intentionally varied. We want adolescents to experience a range of foods so they are able to become more flexible while in treatment and in life after treatment as well. Eating mindfully allows adolescents to be present in the eating experience to truly learn what they enjoy as they move away from the eating disorder. The goal is for Clementine adolescents to leave with a strong understanding of their nutritional needs and what they need to continue to work toward to become a mindful eater, allowing for freedom of true recovery.

Nutrition programming works from the same core foundations of health, freedom from eating disordered behaviors, and developmentally appropriate progression toward self-trust and internally directed eating. With this solid foundation, adolescents move through the early stages of food relationship repair to the later stages of growth and expansion in a recovered life.

Our informed nutritional care reflects:

  • Kitchens that are open and accessible as in a homelike setting; at any time throughout the day, individuals can request and be provided with more food for satiety
  • Recognition that healthy, recovered people come in all shapes and sizes
  • Recognition that all bodies deserve to be nourished and experience satiety
  • Behavior-focused, rather than weight-focused, philosophies
  • Belief that weight loss attempts and focus are contraindicated for recovery from all eating disorder diagnoses

We're Here to Help

Get started on your journey to recovery.

Submissions are confidential. We will call you soon.

Nutrition & Exercise


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