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Eating Disorder Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents

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At Clementine, our personalized, evidence-based treatment program provides the highest level of medical and psychiatric care outside of a hospital within a homelike setting, integrating 24-hour nursing, mindful eating, and academic and family support. One of the hallmarks of treatment at Clementine is how deeply and genuinely we care about our adolescents and their experience with us, and we take pride in providing a positive, individual experience for each adolescent on the path to full recovery.


Here’s what past Clementine clients have to say about their experience:

We're Here to Help

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Submissions are confidential. We will call you soon.

  • “The most meaningful part of my treatment was exploring who I am alongside others struggling with similar things.” – alumni, Clementine Naperville
  • “My treatment was positively impacted by the respect of my gender identity and sexuality that I received by the staff members.” – alumni, Clementine Pinecrest
  • “The team at Clementine and the treatment program helped me be able to truly understand the cause of my eating disorder. I wouldn’t change anything about the program.” – alumni, Clementine Pinecrest
  • “The support and acceptance I received from my peers and team at Clementine made a significant impact on my recovery.” – alumni, Clementine St. Louis
  • “The coping skills I learned during my time at Clementine still help me to this day.” – alumni, Clementine West Linn
  • “I found therapy sessions to be a valuable experience while at Clementine Atlanta.” – alumni, Clementine Atlanta
  • “The time I spent with my therapist was the most meaningful part of my treatment.” – alumni, Clementine West Linn
  • “The connections I made with other clients, recovery coaches, my therapist and more helped me immensely.” – alumni, Clementine Briarcliff Manor
  • “The lessons I learned in nutrition group were helpful in my treatment and beyond.” – alumni, Clementine Atlanta
  • “During my time at Clementine Houston, I really appreciated that everyone treated each other like family and showed me love no matter what.” – alumni, Clementine Houston
  • “The overall atmosphere at Clementine was really welcoming and friendly.” – alumni, Clementine Fairfax


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