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Becky Henry​ is trained as a Certified, Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), ACC and provides radical support for caregivers to become effective guides for their loved one in eating disorder recovery. In this post, Becky discusses Education for Family Caregivers During Caregiving.

When a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness, some of us find we run and hide and pretend it’s not happening. Some of us will be frozen with fear, some will want to learn everything possible. And I’m sure there are dozens of other responses.

What I know is that pretty much every family member I have ever spoken with has said at some point, “I would ​DO​ anything help my loved one be free of this eating disorder.”

One of the actual actions you can ​DO​ as a family caregiver is to educate yourself about these deadly mental illnesses. I know it might seem scary and you’ll hear things that terrify you. AND…it’s all helpful for you and your loved one.

Education is one of the topics discussed in my ​HUG Kits​ that were launched in May. Today I’m giving you a sneak peek into the topic of ‘Education’ to get you started.

First, why do we need to educate ourselves about our family member’s illness? As I state in this chapter of the ​HUG Kit Guidebook​: ​To learn the essentials of being an effective eating disorders caregiver.

You may have already learned some things. Now, you may want to consider asking yourself, “What skills do I need to learn to become a calm, compassionate, confident part of the treatment team?” ​And how and where can I gain these skills?

Yes, family members being a part of the treatment team is becoming a thing! 🙂 And the research is showing it makes a huge difference in treatment outcomes long term. Here are some examples of areas to gain some education and links to get you started:

Which area will you learn about today? You can find many ​resources on my website​.


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