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Please join Clementine adolescent treatment programs for “You Better Check Yourself: How to Handle Challenging Situations in the Treatment of Eating Disorders” presented by Clementine Medical Director Lauren Ozbolt, MD. 

Parenting an adolescent is really hard work and parenting one navigating an eating disorder greatly intensifies the situation. How do you enforce boundaries and limits when your teenager is underweight and at risk? How do you encourage them to follow rules or a meal plan when they are at a stage of development where they are “supposed to” rebel and not follow the rules? By gaining understanding about the pathology of eating disorders and the normal separation-individuation process of adolescents, we can employ strategies to partner with the adolescent as opposed to fighting this natural process. This presentation will focus on these strategies and tools used in the treatment of adolescent eating disorders.

In this presentation, participants will learn to name three factors that make treating adolescent eating disorders especially challenging, state the developmental tasks of the adolescent and state the rationale for the use of psychotropic medications in eating disorders.

The presentation will take place at Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, CA on Thursday, September 14th. Check-in will begin at 11:30am and the lunch and presentation will be from 12:00-1:30pm. Please RSVP to Regional Outreach Manager Mary Andreasen (mandreasen@montenidoaffiliates.com) to join.


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