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Summertime provides a finite timeframe for treatment, which is an opportunity and also a concern to you as a parent. We understand this, and offer specialized programming focused on back-to-school preparedness while delving into the developmental needs of this younger population. Integrating highly personalized and sophisticated medical, psychiatric, clinical and nutritional care with comprehensive academic and family support. We do this through daily supported exposure therapy, the development of life skills, step-down programs, aftercare planning that begins upon admission and a strong focus on academic reintegration.



We know student’s educational needs are an important component of treatment. We begin work on a personalized education plan upon admission, and are committed to integrating where each patient is at in her academics into what is in the best interest of her recovery. Clementine provides increased access to expanded learning and critical thinking strategies, SAT/ACT preparation, when indicated and in addition to the following:

  • Personalized education plan created upon admission with a multidisciplinary approach to learning

  • State-certified educators on-site for daily work on content areas

  • Educational evaluation with process-based instruction

  • Ongoing, weekly communication and coordination with parents, guidance counselors, and school administrators

  • Referrals to specialty tutors available on request

  • School / life balance and college readiness if needed


During the summer at Clementine, medical, psychiatric, clinical and nutritional care includes:

  • 24-hour on-site medical oversight and nursing with 24-hour access to psychiatrists
  • Medical and nutritional restoration and stability
  • Twice weekly individual psychotherapy sessions with doctoral or master’s level primary therapist and weekly individual sessions with treatment team
  • Daily group therapies such as: teen dialectical behavioral therapy | cognitive behavioral therapy | body image | art therapy | psychodrama | family and relationships | interpersonal process | self-esteem
  • Mindful reintroduction of movement and expressive movement therapy 
  • Thoughtfully implemented meal plan based on specific nutritional needs and personal preference with weekly individual nutrition session with registered dietitian.

Family is involved in beneficial ways, empowering them with knowledge and tools to support their daughter’s recovery, including:

  • Weekly family therapy (on-site or remotely)
  • Weekly multi-family group (on-site)
  • Parent education program every other weekend (on-site) psychoeducation | support group | one-on-one coaching in nutrition planning, meal preparation, portioning, and behavior management skills
  • Exposure opportunities to practice meals and support the reintegration of the adolescent into family mealtimes after discharge
  • Family sessions and detailed plan for return to home and school

Clementine’s Individualized Multi-Domain Level System allows for time-sensitive opportunities to evaluate readiness for movement, self-portioning and family outing passes; for progress-indicating benchmarks and for step-down transition planning and discharge readiness assessment. This level system gradually allows your daughter to handle food more independently as she progresses in treatment.


We believe an important part of residential treatment is preparing your daughter for the real world outside of residential treatment; the back-to-school readiness component is key to programming over the summer. Embedded in our culture is a philosophy of collaboration; among our team members and with our patients’ outpatient providers, as well as educators that will be working with your daughter over the next school year. We work together to instill hope and trust, heal the entire family and take a holistic approach to get our patients on the path to long- term health and a sustained recovery.