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We take the privacy of our adolescents very seriously and therefore ask that all initial administrative inquiries go through our administrative office, with treatment inquiries going through our admissions office.

We keep our individual facility addresses and phone numbers private and give this information as appropriate to adolescents, family members, friends and professionals. If you are looking for a specific staff member at a facility you can contact the appropriate clinical director from the list provided below or contact our administrative office.

Clementine Administrative Office

Please contact our administrative office at 305.663.1876

Clementine Admissions

Please contact an Admissions Specialist at 855.900.2221

Clementine Media Inquiries

Please contact our Director of Digital Marketing Greer Findura
Phone: 407.620.5195
To email Greer, click here

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Seeking Help? Call Us Today! 855.900.2221