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vanessa-hernandezClementine Adolescent Treatment Program Nurse Vanessa Hernandez, RN shares the important role nurses play in supporting the adolescents on their journey to being fully recovered. She explains the strong rapport built with the adolescents and the nurses’ willingness to be by their side every step of the way.

The very core of Clementine Nursing is muddling through the intricacies of their life, their recovery, and their medical care right along with them. It’s countless hours of teaching. You have to maximize that learning brain and boy, are they open to learning! “What is going on with my body and why?”

Ahem, well..

Clementine Nursing is owning up to the inevitable awkwardness of the conversations, medical visits, complaints, and procedures–and letting them know, it will all be okay.

“Listen, we’ll get through it together.”

It’s slowly, but surely; detangling the responsibility of their medical care from their parents, onto yourself, and eventually; onto themselves.

Clementine Nursing is setting high standards for my girls, because they are the smartest, most willing ladies in all of Miami.

They can recite every skill in their DBT workbook and their medications. They can willingly sit out from yoga and sip a cup of Gatorade because they’re feeling dizzy in that moment, and self-care comes first. They can sit through receiving their Dexascan results and understand exactly what Dr. Jahraus is telling them.

They can do all this, because their nurses took the extra minute to teach and because they know they must honor their bodies by giving it what it needs.

The heart of Clementine Nursing lies in the art of building their own sense of security in their bodies, their knowledge, and their processes. It’s building enough rapport with them that they can come to you with any complaint–and they definitely will!!

It’s building enough rapport within themselves that they can access the underlying factors of their physical ailments.

“What emotions am I feeling right now that might be driving this stomach pain I’m experiencing?”

“What is the reason I am requesting this Miralax, because I feel guilty over ordering dessert, or because I truly need it?”

We poke and prod. We ask insightful questions. We have embarrassing sessions.

We use therapeutic insight and weave it into nursing knowledge to see them holistically.

To us, they are not their weight, vitals, or medications.

Their bodies haven’t failed them. Their eating disorders have.

They are powerful young ladies, claiming their voices, their health, and their lives.

The heart of Clementine Nursing allows us to see this since their first day.

And the true reward, is when they begin to see it for themselves.


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