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Clementine Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Lauren Ozbolt, MD, CEDS, FAPA is a board certified Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who specializes in the evidence-based treatment of mood, anxiety and eating disorders. Dr. Ozbolt continues to share a day in treatment at Clementine adolescent treatment programs in this week’s blog post.

While our adolescents are quite busy in programming throughout the day, we also recognize the need and benefit of appropriately scheduled breaks and downtime. Downtime is often difficult for our adolescents in that unstructured time allows the eating disorder thoughts more freedom. At Clementine, downtime is interspersed with opportunities for relationship building, recreational time and fun. Our recovery coaches are no strangers to fun and it is not unusual to see them engaged with the girls in an intense game of banana-grams or an elaborate art project.

 One aspect unique to Clementine is our use of a multi-dimensional Level System. Upon admission, adolescents are assigned to Level I, which corresponds with certain goals, assignments, challenges and privileges. When these goals and challenges are met (determined by the treatment team and milieu), then the adolescent advances to the next level of challenges and privileges. By using this system, the adolescent, parents and treatment team are all clear about the client’s progression in treatment. This eliminates uncertainty on the part of the adolescent, fosters mastery and facilitates trust.

After a full day of clinical programing, meal support and countless opportunities to practice recovery-oriented choices, adolescents are ready for bed. Recovery coaches are present to support bedtime routines and prepare for lights out. Recognizing that separation from parents and loved ones can be difficult for adolescents, Clementine staff are there to comfort and encourage. It is only at night, when your daughter feels safe, supported and loved that our job for the day is complete. It is perhaps in these quiet moments, that the beauty of the Clementine program is most visible.


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