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Clementine Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Lauren Ozbolt, MD, CEDS, FAPA is a board certified Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who specializes in the evidence-based treatment of mood, anxiety and eating disorders. In our new series, Dr. Ozbolt walks us through a day in treatment at Clementine adolescent treatment programs to share an inside look of how Clementine supports adolescents on the path to full recovery.

Adolescents who come to residential treatment at Clementine are battling truly horrific illnesses. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders not only rob individuals of their health, but also their freedom and their life. Though the path leading to treatment is scary and the road to recovery is a challenge, staff at Clementine understand that it is often the difficult times that lead way to true healing. At Clementine, we meet your daughter where she is at and align our goals with hers. Clinical programming in our residential, home-like setting is designed to promote security, allow for camaraderie/support and remind your daughter what living is all about.

In the morning, adolescents start their day at 7am as a nurse greets them and assesses vital signs and other medical parameters. Recovery coaches are present to assist the adolescents with activities of daily living, bathroom safety and orient them to the daily schedule. Breakfast is served at 7:30 am and is eaten with peers and recovery coaches in an elegant dining environment. Intentions and goals are set before the meal and discussed post-meal. Recovery coaches, serve as a major source of support during meal times and model appropriate mealtime behavior.

On weekdays, breakfast is followed by 2 ½ hours of school held onsite in our Clementine classroom. Clementine employs state-certified Math and English teachers to assist with school assignments and liaison with the adolescent’s home school. While our focus is always on treatment, daily school hours do allow the adolescent to maintain their academic progress and eliminates the anxiety of “falling behind.”

Following school, our clinical programming is built around specialist-led groups, including adolescent DBT, Process, Cooking, Relapse Prevention, Body Talk, Family and Relationship, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Creative Arts and Yoga or Tai Chi. Additionally, each adolescent meets with her primary therapist three to four times weekly for individual therapy. She will also meet with her nutritionist, clinical director, family therapist, family practice practitioner and psychiatrist weekly. Primary therapist and nutritionist routinely join the adolescents and recovery coaches for meals and snacks to identify and address unique struggles and further offer meal support. Mealtime is often difficult for adolescents with eating disorders and we anticipate this. If and when your adolescent struggles with a meal, we believe in immediate and timely feedback. This is accomplished in a very private and supportive way with 1:1 staff interaction.

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