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Medical, Psychiatric and Nursing Care

I can recall first wanting to become a physician, when my mother would take me to the pediatrician office when I was feeling sick as a child. Often times my doctor would sit next to me and calmly explain what he felt was going on and all the options for treatment that were available. My mother would always reply in the same way whether I had the flu or needed hospitalization. She would say, “If she were your daughter…what would you do?” And he honestly replied, and that is what we did. To this day, that is how I think about the adolescents we treat, and that is the approach that permeates the air at Clementine. With each adolescent we think, “If this was my daughter, what would I do….”

Here’s what we do. At Clementine, your daughter’s psychiatrist takes the time to get to know the girl that is underneath the eating disorder. We empower and equip her with the tools – whether they be therapy, medication or both –  to help her overcome her eating disorder. We feel the best kind of care is collaborative care and we invest a great deal of time in making parents “experts” on the most innovative treatments, neurobiological causes and the latest research in the field of eating disorders. We feel that in order to treat a disease it is important for you and your daughter to fully understand the illness and our rationale for treatment. At the heart of the Clementine program is commitment to your daughter.  While education about treatment of eating disorders is often invaluable, it is only a part in what makes our treatment unique. We truly delight in knowing her and your family and take pride in aligning ourselves with you. At Clementine, your daughter’s future goals, become our goals and hence starts a beautiful restorative process of getting her back on track to become the amazing young woman that she is destined to become.

 – Clementine psychiatrist

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Psychiatry is an integral part of the treatment team at Clementine and leads the team in emphasizing the developmental differences of psychiatric presentations in adolescents. Twenty-four-hour access to psychiatrists is a hallmark of our program and ensures the safety of each adolescent. Psychiatric care includes:

  • Each adolescent admitted to our program undergoes a comprehensive adolescent psychiatric evaluation performed by a board certified psychiatrist
  • Individual psychiatric treatment plans are created and updated weekly for each adolescent
  • Each adolescent is cared for by her own team of psychiatrists including a board certified psychiatrist and a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist.
  • Genetic testing for psychotropic medication responsiveness, which can be performed prior to starting medication, is one way that Clementine psychiatry is utilizing the latest in clinical science to improve adolescents outcomes.

Medical and nursing care at Clementine emphasizes safety in all facets of treatment as adolescents often have serious medical complications from their illness. Each adolescent’s pre-admission medical and mental health information is reviewed by a physician and a psychiatrist to assure appropriate level of care. Medical and nursing care at Clementine include:

  • Twenty-four hour on-site nursing care with availability to a physician twenty-four hours per day
  • Medical physician sees the individual weekly or more often, as needed
  • Licensed nurses will manage and administer all medications as per detailed medication policy and procedure
  • A full medical history and physical is completed following a review of the adolescent’s home medical records
  • Communication with outpatient providers to enhance the broader team approach
  • Laboratory studies are obtained regularly to monitor medical status
  • Attending medical doctor will determine if any additional consultative appointments are arranged with various specialists in the community

Nursing is an integrated part of the treatment team at Clementine. Nurses assess adolescents needs on a twenty-four hour basis, coordinating with medical doctors, psychiatrists, registered dietitians and therapists. Nurses will complete a full nursing assessment and develop care plans using a sophisticated assessment tool specifically developed to care for your adolescent and the identified needs will be addressed on an ongoing basis until resolved.

Joel Jahraus MD, FAED, CEDS, Chief Medical Officer


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